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  • Cosmo
    Cosmo has been designed for pure combustion. It leaves as few particles in the air as possible, which makes it friendly to you and the environment. With its simple design, Cosmo appeals to many types of homes. The stove is made completely of high-quality cast iron and is available in several heig..
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  • Country
    Country is our classic piece of pride. Design, efficiency and high quality go hand in hand in this wood-burning stove. A simple and smart stove made of steel, suitable for many homes and perfect for the summer cottage. The design is old-school country idyll, whilst functionality is fully updated...
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  • Cubic
    Cubic is a minimalist and modern wood-burning stove, which perfectly fits modern homes with its distinct lines.  Cubic is designed by Anders Nørgaard, who aimed to design a beautiful and functional wood-burning stove. The series includes various models that can be perfectly integrated into t..
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  • Elegance
    Elegance has a diverse oval design with eye-catching details. The handle is integrated in a beautiful ribbon of stainless steel that conceals the DuplicAir® air control. The widest panoramic glass on the market offers an 180˚ view of the fire and is the perfect finish. Elegance is also availabl..
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  • EOS
    EOS is a completely round cast iron stove with lovely details, and a well-rounded finish. You can enjoy the fire through three glass windows, and the vivid flames from all sides. The stove is stylish and elegant, regardless whether it is standing, wall-mounted, placed on a base or straight agains..
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  • Jydepejs H530 - Insert fire in the wall
    A modern fire insert with a simple design. It is especially suitable as an open fireplace and can be adjusted to fit an existing opening in the wall. One of the advantages of the fire insert is the effect from convection heat, which is unattainable with an open fireplace. Jydepejs H530 is availab..
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  • Mido
    Slim and stylish, unique details and solid craftsmanship. The new Mido has been planned right down to the last detail. Mido has a large cast iron door, which includes the hidden ash pan. You have an impressive view into the combustion chamber through the large arched glass, where you can see the ..
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  • ORO
    If you want to avoid the hardships of handling wood, ORO is a furnace for you. ORO looks like a regular wood-burning stove, but is fuelled by wood pellets instead of wood. It is easy to operate and enables a compact heat with environmental-friendly combustion. The pellet chamber and temperature c..
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  • Panorama
    Panorama is a cubic wood-burning stove with large angled glass for a great view of the fire from several angles. The self-locking door of this model underlines the distinct design and adds a slim and elegant look to the stove. Of course, this model has the patented air system DuplicAir® that ensu..
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  • Senza
    Senza is very suitable for cottages with low heat requirements, as for instance low-energy houses, smaller rooms or summer cottages. Senza has a cast iron door throughout the front and top. The door is self-locking with magnets, which makes the stove look elegant and stylish. Senza is available i..
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  • Sigma
    Sigma and Sigma Duplex are two new inserts, complying with the new regulations in terms of new buildings or refurbishment. Both models enable fresh-air intake and optimal heat distribution. Both inserts have DuplicAir®, known from Jydepejsen’s detached stoves. The door is self-locking and has a l..
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  • Sirius & Orion
    Sirius/Orion is a cosy fellow with a classic and rustic look. An eye-catching and large wood-burning stove, which adds a special feeling to your living room. Sirius/Orion has a special child-proof locking system, which remains cold despite high temperatures. Sirius/Orion has an impressive cast ir..
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